Book helps justify need for building

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 8, 2004

GREENSBORO-With the release of the new book written by Emily K. Chaffee entitled OUTSIDEIN vol. 1: a community space for hale county, this book contains photos and comments from residents of Greensboro and the rest of Hale County about why this space is necessary.

The OUTSIDEIN is a building that rests on Main Street in downtown Greensboro, but it isn’t just an ordinary building.

It represents a community’s willingness to come together and try to improve on the race relations that currently exist in the county.

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One resident in Greensboro that has played a huge role in the development of the OUTSIDEIN is Anne Bailey. Bailey owns Sledge Hardware in Greensboro and Bailey’s Bed and Breakfast in Newbern, but she is also the treasurer of OUTSIDEIN Publications.

“I pay all the bills for the building, so I’m the treasurer,” Bailey said.

The idea of the OUTSIDEIN started about five to six months ago, she said. There was a need in the community for somewhere that people could go and discuss issues and not be worried about stepping on someone else’s toes.

“We needed some space besides churches for the people to come together and learn from one another,” she said.

The building that the OUTSIDEIN committee had in mind was in very rough shape, she said. Help was severely needed in the restoration of the building and then the students from the Rural Studio of Auburn University called and wanted to help.

“Students came and helped clean the building up and repaired it so meetings could be held there,” Bailey said.

This new book highlights, with photos of more than 50 residents of Hale County and their comments about the building and its current usage, she said. This book is truly a work of art and has been selling fast around Greensboro.

“We had a grant to publish this first book and we are currently working on funding the third installment by selling this one for $10 each,” he said.

Some other things that the OUTSIDEIN is currently working on includes moving into a bigger building, she said. The current building is just way to small for the groups that attend the normal meetings.

“We are also in the process of adding an air conditioner to the old building, so we can host some events during the summer months,” Bailey said.