Sumter stumps Demopolis in tourney

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 9, 2004

The Sumter County Dixie Youth All-Stars sealed their District Tournament victory by defeating the Demopolis All-Stars 5-1 on Thursday, July 8.

Even though they won, Sumter County did not completely dominate like they have been doing.

The second inning found the Sumter team ahead 1-0 and after a bases loaded wild pitch caught Murphy a runner was bought in to make it 2-0. Sumter’s Dial then hit a single towards 2nd base and brought in one of his teammates to put SC ahead by three.

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The third inning saw Demopolis in a jam with a SC runner on 1st and third and two outs. Demo pitcher Kaleb Farmer struck out his batter and ended SC’s at bat with no harm done. When it was Demop’s turn in the third William Stewart popped one in front of SC’s left fielder and center fielder. Mark Thorn was next to bat and he was thrown out at first, but the runner advanced to 2nd. Next up, Demop’s Avery hits a single and brings in the base runner, closing the gap slightly by making the score 3-1.

Sumter County’s at bat would prove long and intense, but no damage was done. First up, Stuart is walked and then a wild pitch advances him to second. The next batter, Hutchins, was walked. Then, Sumter’s Bailey hit a roller under shortstop Cole Thrasher’s glove and loaded the bases. The next batter struck out. The next batter got a hit, but the third base runner was thrown out at home. The last batter of the inning was struck out and no damage was done.

The fourth inning saw three Demop batter up, and three Demop batter down with no offensive action occurring.

The fifth inning saw Sumter County score two runs on some good offensive work by Daniel Sturdivant and Lane Oliver, with a walk and a wild pitch adding to Sumter’s easy 2 run 5th inning.

Demop again had a three up, three down inning in the fifth. Louis Steadman got a hit, which looked like it had potential, but the Sumter County shirt stop made a nice play and threw him out at first. Kaleb farmer the pooped out to right field. As the last batter of the inning, Thomas Cramer was thrown out at first.

In the sixth Sumter had a chance to add to their lead, but again stranded three base runners with bases loaded. Stuart and Hutchins got back-to-back singles, and a wild pitch advance the both. The third batter hit a poop fly that was caught. Then, Hutchings was walked and the bases were loaded. The next batter struck out. Dial got up to bat and tapped the ball, but he did not have enough on it and the runner was tagged out at home.

Demop’s last at bat was unproductive as they stranded one runner.

With their win on Thursday, the Sumter County All-Stars won the District Tournament and now they will play the winners of the north district tournament in a best-of-three playoff series this weekend in Sumter. The winner of that will have a spot in the State Dixie Youth All-Stars Championship Tournament.