Police discover identity of body

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 13, 2004

From Combined Reports The Demopolis Times

UNIONTOWN – Police here, assisted by the Alabama Bureau of Investigation and the Perry County Sheriff’s Department, have identified the body of a female discovered behind a store on County Road 53.

Sarah Custard Whitherspoon, 52, of Uniontown, was found dead near Nite Cats Convenience Store on Friday.

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The cause of death, Police Chief Donald Rhodes said, is still unknown.

However he, ABI investigators and Sheriff’s deputies are treating the death as a homicide – the third along that road in less than a month.

Friday, a three-block area was roped off with police caution tape as the police investigators, Perry County Coroner George Pullom and ABI investigators began their investigation. Because of the extreme odor, investigators worked with masks over their mouths and noses.

Uniontown Mayor Phillip White said on Friday the killings would continue as long as the U.S. Justice Department was lax on criminals.

“Until the Justice Department does something to put these criminals away, it will only continue to get worse. We could put police officers on every corner, but that wouldn’t help either,” he said.

At least two residents near the scene of the discovery said they no longer felt safe in their city.

“This has got to stop because my family doesn’t feel safe anymore in the city. This is starting to be an everyday thing in this city,” said L.T. Washington.