Fresh pipes may help clear the courthouse air

Published 12:00 am Thursday, July 15, 2004

LIVINGSTON-The pipes to the commodes in the Sumter County Courthouse will be flushing a little easier thanks to the Sumter County Commission.

The Sumter County Commission approved a plan to spend $23,000 to fix the sewerage lines in the courthouse during Monday’s meeting. Commissioner Ronnie Beard said the commission decided it would be the best long-term decision to go ahead and fix them.

“Let’s go ahead and spend the money to fix this problem, instead of waiting for something else to happen,” Beard said.

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Members of the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office approached the commission and reported, since their move into the new $4,6 million jail there has been no problems or incidents in the jail.

“From this report, it seems as though everything is going well at the new jail,” Beard said.

The commission also voted to honor an agreement with the Factory Creek Water Shed to maintain their road. Finally, the commission talked about its summer road paving projects.

There are many different road paving projects that are currently on hold due to the amount of rain the county has been experiencing, he said. The commission approved a motion saying the road department will start on the paving once a series of dry days.

“Once the sun comes out, we can start on the many different county-wide paving projects that are currently lined up,” Beard said.