Man has done good things and bad

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 16, 2004

Dear Editor:

A lot of negative information has been printed in the news regarding Edward Ward Jr., but I hope everyone remembers the positive he has done for this community.

Edward is a good and decent person.

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He has dedicated his entire life to helping others.

His willingness to help people along with a little bad judgment has caused him a lot of heartache.

He has struggled to be a father as well as a mother to his handicapped son.

He has been disturbed on countless nights because someone’s child has gotten in trouble and needed his help.

He has helped hundreds of young people over the past twenty-five years to get on the right track and to make something of themselves.

He has formed the Family Resource center, which is one of its kind in this area.

This agency has employed over 300 children and assists families in several areas.

He has served on numerous boards in the community and has given of himself 100%.

I ask that you remember the good he has done and not to judge him before the entire story is told.

The truth will be revealed soon.

Please keep him in your prayers and offer a word of encouragement.

His family remains by his side and continues to support him during this difficult time.

Aggie W. Perry

Demopolis, AL