Charleston announces for District 2

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 19, 2004

DEMOPOLIS-Freddie Charleston has announced his intentions to run as a candidate for District 2 on the Demopolis City Council.

He wants to be the voice of the residents of Demopolis whose voices go unheard on many different issues. He was born and raised in Demopolis and has worked at Airgas, formally Tasco for over 20 years.

“I want to be the voice of the underserved people of Demopolis,” He said, “The theme of my campaign is ‘Let me be your voice.'”

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He attended college at night and holds an Associates Degree in Business Administration. He has watched the leadership of Demopolis for many years and he thinks that it’s time for a change in direction. The city has grown over the past years, but there has been zero growth in the most important area for the City of Demopolis and that’s something for the children of Demopolis.

“There is nothing here for our children to do and we all wonder why our children all want to leave as soon as they graduate,” Charleston said, “I have to drive to Tuscaloosa or Meridian every weekend just to relax with my children.”

This may be his first time running for office, but he has a list of jobs that will help him led Demopolis towards a future of growth. He currently serves as chairman for the Demopolis Habitat for Humanity, member of the CTO (Coming Together Organization), member of the VCR (teaches children the values of education), and the Adjustment Board. He is also a born again Christian and a member of Nazareth of Galilee Baptist church.

If he were elected, he would fight for growth not only in his district, but in the whole city as well. He wants to push for landing more industry to the city and the surround areas.

“I can’t promise them the world, but I can be their voice,” Charleston said.

His platform includes keeping the children here and improving the things for them to do, improving the options for adults as well, expanding and growing small business, and bringing in new industries. He is all for the incoming Wal-Mart SuperCenter because it’s a sign of positive growth for the community.

He is also in support of the Riverwalk project along the bluffs, he said. That area of Demopolis has been neglected for to long and its time the City of Demopolis capitalizes on that beautiful piece of land.