Stapleton believes new ideas are needed

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 25, 2004

UNIONTOWN-Thomas Stapleton qualified to run for the Uniontown City Council in the August 24 municipal election for District 1. Stapleton believes the City of Uniontown deserves a councilman with some fresh ideas.

“The current councilmen have been in office for a long time now and nothing has changed, so its time for a real change,” Stapleton said.

Stapleton has lived in the city since birth, and is concerned about several issues that need to be addressed. He is the son of Isabel and the late Doyle Stapleton of Uniontown.

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“We have some real problems in the City of Uniontown and I’m ready to make a difference in the residents’ lives,” Stapleton said.

He is a family oriented person as he has four children and three grandchildren. He also attends the Church of God in Uniontown.

These are just four of the issues he believes the people would like answers too:

1. The drug problems and murders in our surrounding area.

“The mayor has just thrown his hands up, especially after the last three murders in the city,” Stapleton said, “How can a mayor just throw his hands up and give in like that?”


The problem with junk cars, posing health hazards to children as well as adults.

“This is a major problem in the city,” Stapleton said, “There are so many junk cars and old houses that need to be moved and destroyed because all it takes is for one child to die after getting trapped and then we would’ve wished we did this sooner.”

3. The fact that the city has an ordinance that no mobile homes may be placed in the city limits.

“People have the right to live in trailers if they so choose,” Stapleton said, “They are humans also and should be allowed to live in the city.”

4. The need for a complete assessment and new management of the police department.

“If you drive through the city at night it’s impossible to find a policeman patrolling,” Stapleton said, “They need to be patrolling the streets instead of wasting gas sitting at home talking to their wives and girlfriends.”