Eugene Booker to seek Uniontown council seat

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 2, 2004

UNIONTOWN-Eugene Booker qualified to run for the Uniontown City Council in the August 24 municipal election for District 4. Booker believes the City of Uniontown deserves a councilman with some fresh ideas and a new vision for the city.

“The current councilmen have been in office for a long time now and nothing has changed, so its time for a real change,” Booker said.

Booker has lived in the city since birth, and is concerned about several issues that need to be addressed. He is the son of the late Doris and Eugene Booker. He graduated from R.C. Hatch High School in 1970 and is also a member of the First Missionary Baptist Church, and on the Usher Board.

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“We have some real problems in the City of Uniontown and I’m ready to make a difference in the residents’ lives,” Booker said.

He served on the Uniontown Volunteer Fire Department for ten years and worked with the Uniontown Police Department for two years. He is currently retired from over 30 years of driving trucks for various companies.

“To work for the people, work with the people, and stand with the people,” Booker said.

The goals for my campaign include improving the Uniontown Police Department, providing better security, and to make Uniontown a better place to live.