Greene can’t find its bank balance

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 2, 2004

EUTAW-Greene County Commission Chairman Chip Beeker questioned Greene County Administrator about Greene County’s budget during the commission meeting on Friday.

“I have been asking you for the county’s budget now for three or fours months now and I still haven’t received it yet,” Beeker said, “I’ve even sent you two letters asking for the budget and it’s making me nervous not having a copy of it.”

He said this was the second time he has asked her for something and hasn’t received it. As she is a county employee, there will be some form of action taken if these kinds of delays are continued.

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“How can we as the voice of Green County run the county without knowing how much money we currently have,” Beeker said, “We can’t.”

There are bills from two to three months old just piling up in the courthouse because she hasn’t been paying them. It gives the county a bad name when bills are overdue and people’s insurance is getting cut off because of lack of county payment.

“I know for a fact that bills are two to three months old,” Beeker said.

The commission appointed five new members to the Personnel Review Board including Fred Daniels, Rip Banks, both will serve one year, and Gary Spencer, Dr. Robert Brown, and Alan Turner will all serve two years. The commission accepted the bid from H&H Stevens Construction for the Eutaw Activity Center.

“Everyone on the commission is committed to having the activity center and we will not let this defeat us,” Beeker said, “We’ve got to have it.”

The Greene County Health Department received an additional $10,000 from the Montgomery Health Department to help with the fixing of the bathrooms. The commission also passed an extra $11,000 worth of funding for the Health Department and they will also receive bingo money as well.