We should elect a servant to all

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 18, 2004

I would like to comment on Senator Charles Steele.

He said the greatest accomplishment during his three terms in office was the passage of bingo for Greentrack in Greene County.

I thought to myself after that statement: Senator Steele must have not had much of a plan for the counties he represented, if

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that was his great accomplishment.

Gambling would be the thing that should never be considered. That does not say too much about Senator Steele in his plan for what was best for the counties of Greene, Hale, Sumter, Perry, Choctaw, and Marengo that he represented. Gambling is the one thing that takes low-income people even lower, down to a point that tears families apart and what income they have is used for gambling and leaves them with even less income than they need.

All gambling does is make the richer get richer and the poor get poorer. It does nothing to raise the standard of living.

What Senator Steele should have been doing was pushing education and working for more jobs to put people to work for a better society, instead of holding people in slavery hoping to strike it rich without working

for a better life.

And as we can see by his resigning, he was not really interested in the needs of the counties he represented. When he was elected he said he wanted to represent the people and serve them. As the records show, he only represented just a portion of the people. He was not a Senator of all the people, which


in the decision he made to resign. I know

he made a decision just like everyone else does, he did what he thought was best for him and his family.

He ran for Senate to serve the people, all the people. I wish him well and may God bless him.

When someone runs for office and is elected they should serve all the people. So now we need to elect someone that will represent all the people, and not just a portion of the people, and they should follow moral guidelines in decision making.

To those in leadership is given much is given and

much is


Robert Stone