Group holds shower for babies they haven’t even seen

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 24, 2004

The Saint Leo’s Ladies Auxiliary held a baby shower Sunday for a group of women they’ve never met, and may never meet, when they held a baby shower for the West Alabama Sav-A-Life Foundation.

Lucette Osborne, with the ladies auxiliary, said the event is something they’ve done several times before, and serves as a way to have a good time and help others at the same time.

“We had a parrish ladies baby shower with all the gifts to be donated to Sav-A-Life,” Osborne said. “It’s a way to get together on a Sunday afternoon and eat mints and cake and talk, and do something for the community at the same time.”

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Among the items donated were six diaper bags, eight receiving blankets, a teddy bear and diapers, several layettes and sleepers, pacifiers, bibs and other miscellaneous baby items, as well as $45 in monetary donations.

Sav-A-Life’s new director, Barbara Sessions, said such donations help the center with its mission of helping pregnant women in crisis.

“What this means is that expectant mothers can come in and choose something for their baby,” she said.

A prime example of the organization’s mission is its diaper bag program.

“When an expectant mother signs up for the diaper bag program, they receive a Bible and a diaper bag,” Sessions said. “Each month they come to Bible study, they get to choose an item for their baby. When they get close to the end of their term, they get to take home a diaper bag full of items.”