Uniontown auto theft ring busted

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 28, 2004

UNIONTOWN – Two people have been arrested in connection with a suspected auto theft operation in Uniontown, Chief Donald Rhodes said.

Cavin Hunter, a 34-year-old Orrville resident, was pulled over by Rhodes Wednesday at about noon driving a stolen truck.

“We had gotten a call saying he was in town in a stolen truck,” Rhodes said. “I pulled him over and ran the plates. They came back stolen from Ozark, in Dale County, so I arrested him.”

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Hunter was taken to the Perry County Jail and charged with receiving stolen property.

Rhodes said it was his understanding that Hunter has been in trouble for similar things before.

“I have been told he has been arrested before,” Rhodes said. “He supposedly takes automobiles, farm equipment, anything he can get his hands on.”

In the days that followed this most recent arrest, Uniontown investigators discovered more stolen vehicles in the area, and have reportedly linked the vehicles to Hunter.

“We investigated a little further and found more stolen cars in the area,” Rhodes said. In all, the police department confiscated three vehicles, including the truck Hunter was driving.

Friday evening Kimberly Jackson was arrested by Perry County Sheriff’s deputies, after she was found to be driving a stolen vehicle as well. A third vehicle was found parked at Jackson’s mother’s home. Police are not sure of Jackson’s involvement, but she was charged with receiving stolen property as well.

Those vehicles and the one Hunter was driving were taken into police custody and towed to the police department.

Hunter and Jackson are being held at the Perry County Jail, each on a $20,000 bond.

Rhodes said further charges are pending against Hunter and more arrests may be possible.

“I doubt he was operating alone but we’re still investigating that,” he said. Hunter faces up to three counts of receiving stolen property.

The Perry County Sheriff’s Office is assisting in the investigation.

Chief Dispatcher Clifford Coleman said these arrests should serve as a reminder to Uniontown and area residents that crime will not be tolerated in that town.

“We’re cracking down on crime,” he said.