Question is about mayoral morals

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 9, 2004

Dear Editor:

Thank you for printing my letter to the editor and thanks to the candidates for mayor for taking the time to respond.

However, I do not believe that Mrs. Williamson answered the question that was asked. I know what stand the state of Alabama has taken on same-sex marriage. It is illegal in Alabama, at least for now, but that could change.

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The Constitution of the United States requires states to recognize marriages performed in other states and with other states making same-sex marriage legal, Alabama could be forced to recognize such unions.

Saying that she would not marry any same-sex couples because it is illegal is a little like saying she wouldn’t own slaves because it is illegal. That says nothing about her moral convictions on the issue and since she is asking voters to place her in the highest administrative office in the city, I believe the voters have a right to know what her moral convictions are on this issue which will only become more prominent in the future.

Perhaps my original question was not clear and for that I apologize. Please allow me to make it as plain as I know how. Are you morally in favor of, or opposed to same-sex marriage regardless of whether or not you are ever called upon to perform such a ceremony?

P.S. Mrs. Cecil Williamson informed me this morning via telephone that mayors in Alabama cannot perform weddings.

I had called City Hall and was told that they could.

I am sorry that I made a statement in a previous letter that was incorrect.

She also told me that her denomination has not officially sanctioned same-sex marriage, that a motion to do so actually failed at the last national meeting.

Although such unions are being performed in some of their churches, that is not the case in Alabama according to Mrs. Williamson.

I appreciate her taking the time to call me and set me straight, and again, I apologize for any incorrect statement.

Tommy R. Carr