Fields declared winner in Hale Co.

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 24, 2004

The last four months in Hale County have been filled with finger pointing and name calling during Hale County Commissioner Lois Fields’ contest of her opponent, Elijah Knox’s apparent victory during the June 1, 2004 Primary Elections.

After six hours in the Hale County Courthouse on Wednesday night, there is an apparent winner – Lois Fields. The Hale County Democratic Party issued a verdict on Thursday after listening to a second day of testimony from both parties.

As stated in the final verdict, which was hand delivered to the offices of The Demopolis Times by the Chairman of the Hale County Democratic Party Robert Shepard.

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“The Hale County Democratic Committee after reviewing all evidences has concluded that the contestee Elijah Knox does not reside in Commissioner District Two therefore he is not qualified to hold this position as Commissioner for District Two of Hale County Alabama.”

“The evidence indicates that the contestee, Elijah Knox, resides in Commissioner District One.”

“It is hereby ordered that the contestant Lois Fields shall be named as the party’s nominee for the Hale County Commissioner District Two position.”

Shepard said the committee basically heard the case and looked over the evidence and considered two important facts,

1. The testimony of the expert witness (Glen McCord).

2. Probate Judge Leland Avery and Board of Registars Faye Cochran’s testimony on the two maps in question.

After learning of her victory, Fields said, “I hope it will be different and the people can start to work together.”

She also said, “We have to start letting the people who are elected do their jobs, so we can start working together.”

The expert witness, Glen McCord really helped the case a great deal as well as the papers from the Moundville Times, she said.

Nicholas Cobbs, Knox’s attorney said, after they heard the ruling, they prepared and sent an appeal to the Chairman of the State Democratic Party, Redding Pitt. “Elijah Knox lives in District Two and has so for the past 16 years,” Cobbs said.

Knox said he testified that he had always voted in District Two.