S.A. Bass Tourney: Oct. 30

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Staff Report

Sumter Academy Booster Club

Fall Bass Tournament

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1st Place $1,500

Saturday October 30, 2004

Demopolis City Landing

Demopolis, Alabama


1. All boats used by contestants, in tournament must be operated by a standard steering wheel and powered by a standard water cooled outboard motor.

2. All boats must have an aerated live well or BASS approved aerated chest.

3. All boats will be thoroughly inspected before start of tournament, by the tournament committee. Any contestant found to have a boat not in “compliance” with tournament rules will not be allowed to fish.

4. All boats not in the landing area by weight-in time will be disqualified. There will be no excuses for being late.

5. All State and Federal laws will be observed.

6. Only 2 (two) contestants per boat. All contestants must remain in their boat at all times except in case of emergency. All contestants must leave and return in the same boat.

7. Intoxication will not be tolerated and will be cause for disqualification.

8. No fishing within 50 (fifty) yards of another boat already in area if the anchor is out, or the boat is secured (tied off) and the trolling motor is up.

9. A U.S.C.G. approved life jacket will be worn by all contestants when the boat is on plane.

10. All fishing must be with artificial lures and for bass only. Only large mouth and spotted bass will be allowed. No trolling allowed. No jigger pole fishing allowed.

11. No contestant can have more than 1 (one) rod in use at a time.

12. All fish must be at least 14″ (fourteen) long. All fish under 14″ (fourteen) brought to scales will be taken out along with equal number of your largest fish.

13. A 5 (five) fish per boat limit will be observed. Both contestants must stop and cull when their 6th (sixth) qualifying fish is caught.

14. Dead fish penalty: Each dead fish brought to scales will result in a 4 ounce deduction from the total weight.

15. Iced down fish will be disqualified and not allowed at weigh in.

16. All fish will be examined by a panel of qualified observers. Contestants presenting any fish appearing to be battered or mutilated will be automatically disqualified.

17. All fish weighed in, except those held for mounting, become the property of Sumter Academy Booster Club as soon as they are placed on the weigh-in table.

18. Any form of cheating or malpractice will be cause for disqualification.

19. Any grievance must be submitted in writing to the tournament chairman before weigh-in.

20. Decisions of the tournament committee will be final and are not subject to appeal.

21. Anyone under the age of 16 (sixteen) must have written permission of parents or legal guardian in order to fish the tournament.

22. All ties will be broken with the flip of a coin.

For questions call: Tim Giles @ 205-652-2692 or Joe Reed @ 205-652-6322

Blast off at safe light – weigh in at 3:00 pm (weigh in time may be adjusted the morning of the tournament if deemed necessary).

Pre-registered entries must be received by Oct 23, 2004. All pre-registered entries will leave in the first flight with take-off position determined by draw the morning of the tournament. Registered entries after Oct 23rd will leave in order of registration.

Payout based on 65 boats

1st Place $1,500

2nd Place $500

3rd Place $300

4th Place $200

5th-10th Place $100

-Five (5) fish limit

-Biggest bass wins 100% of Big Fish Pot

-All cash winners must agree to take and pass a polygraph test before cash prize is awarded.

-All fish become the property of Sumter Academy Booster Club

-Except fish to be mounted, all live fish weighed in will be released.

-4oz. penalty for each dead fish brought to scales.