Sometimes we violate own rights

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 8, 2004

Dear Editor:

It is interesting the mindset of the people herein Greensboro; they say I HOPE, but they REALLY DON’T BELIEVE. It’s as if they’ve lived in poverty for so long that they can’t DREAM or IMAGINE a better life.

It is also interesting how Washington and his campaign can cry racism in an election with all Black Candidates. I believe Washington would have gotten more of the White votes if he had not had past convicted voter fraud felon Aaron (Dudley) Evans working with him

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I have to laugh sometimes when I hear the word racism.

I am no stranger to racism. I too have felt the wrath of its nature and still from time to time we all have it to deal with. Rather it is a White- Black thing or a Black-Black thing, or a religious thing, it does exist, it will never die. Therefore, we must live above it and learn the art of communication.

Our Brother Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fought, bled and died that we might have equal rights, not to be superior one race over another.

Vanessa Hill


Faunsdale bike rally a national draw

Dear Editor

This past weekend was the Faunsdale Fall bike rally that brought motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the Country. A lot of these people and groups happen to be active, reserve, and retired military. I personally think it has something to do with their understanding the value and cost of freedom. Any motorcycle rider will tell you, if you ask. “Why do you love to ride a motorcycle? Aren’t you afraid you’ll crash and die?” They will likely tell you that they love the sense of freedom they get when they’re on the road, and that love of freedom outweighs the fear of death.These last few years with the war on terror I have come to realize like many other Americans have, the great sacrifices that our military personnel and their families make everyday to protect our freedoms and the American way.One of these groups of great Americans I have the honor to know, and the opportunity to help them with a fund raising mission this last weekend at the bike rally is, “the HOODLUMS.” As the president of the Hoodlums Samuel Seamore will tell you, we are a veteran’s organization with an affliction for motorcycles.Our mission for last week was to raise funds to help the Special Operation Warrior Foundation (SOWF). The (SOWF) is a non-profit 501( c ) corp. that supports the children of our special ops personnel that are killed in the line of duty, by providing scholarship grants and educational counseling to their children.I feel this fundraiser was a success. We raised a lot of money for the SOWF, not as much as we would like to have, but every bit helps. With continued support from more great Americans like the ones I met last weekend that donated money and bought raffle tickets to the local businesses that donated the merchandise and services to be raffled, I know future fundraisers will raise even more money for these kids. I would personally like to thank you all, for helping me to say to our active, reserve and retired troops, “thank you for your service, you are great Americans.If you would like to find out more about the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, or would like to make a donation in the name of the Hoodlums please go to their website at help support the businesses that support our troops – “The Hoodlums”, Bob Walker of the Faunsdale Rally, The Peteet Hunting Preserve, Marengo Motor Sports, Family Physicians Health Care, The Ravine Golf Course, Radio Shack, Network IT, The Digi Shopper, O’Reilly’s Auto Parts, Dominos Pizza, BankTrust, Dowdle Gas Co., Food World, Pizza Hut, Parr’s Chevron, Signs by Doug Null, The V.F.W. and McDonalds.

Floridian appreciates work of power crews

Dear Citizens of the State of Alabama:

During the weekend, I passed several convoys on Interstate 10 from Alabama Power who were returning home. They were here in Florida helping us recover from Frances, Ivan, Charley and Jeanne.

Things are getting back to normal, thanks to all of the people, like your Alabama Power utility crews, who came here to help us in our time of need.

We are so, so appreciative of the Alabama Power employees and you, our next door neighbors, who lent a hand when we needed it most. It is with heartfelt thanks that you have helped us weather these storms. Please know that the citizens of The Sunshine State will always be ready to return the favor, God Forbidden, that you ever need the help that you gave us during these difficult times.

Thank you to Alabama Power and our good neighbors to the west. Come visit soon. We’re back in business.

Kurt Salsburg

Vice President for Economic&Workforce Development

Tallahassee Community College