Tip line could help police locate man

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 15, 2004

DEMOPOLIS – The public’s help may solve a crime for Demopolis police investigators.

The Demopolis Police Department is seeking the assistance of the public in locating Daryl Lakeith Hackworth.

Hackworth is wanted for questioning in connection with a burglary that occurred in Demopolis. He may be in the area of Martin Luther apartments.

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If you have information about the location of Daryl Lakeith Hackworth, you may contact the Demopolis Police Department at (334) 289-3073 or the Demopolis tip line at (334) 289-1475.

The tip line is an anonymous voice mail box in the police department where citizens can leave information about criminals and their activities without revealing their names, said Jeff Manuel, the city’s public safety director.

“A lot of times people [with information] don’t want to talk to anybody, and sometimes it’s best that we don’t know who’s calling,” he said.

The special telephone number is as much a tool for police as it is for the people the officers try to serve and protect, he said.

“Most of the time, it’s the information that we need with as many specifics as possible about what’s going on,” said Manuel, who added that the Demopolis Police Department’s tip line wasn’t used as much as he’d like to see – with an average of only two tips per month.

“We don’t have near the activity we should have,” he said, “and usually that information is very generic.”

Nonetheless, Manuel said the line was beneficial to the overall health of the city.

“It’s there for the citizens to use and it’s a good way for people to have a hand in keeping their neighborhoods safe and crime free.”