Thanks for excellent coverage

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 22, 2004

Dear Editor:

The Demopolis Times’ coverage of the Historic Riverside Cemetery Work Day was excellent! Thank you for helping us spread the word!

We had a gorgeous day and many helpful hands to make a much needed transformation of the sacred grounds. We also have many tasks remaining for our next work day. We will count on your help again. Can we fit you for some clippers?

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Thank you also for Theresa’s article following the Work Day. As you know, vandalism and thief have been terrible problems atRiverside. We hope that all citizens will help us eliminate this problem by calling the police if they see anything suspicious and by teaching their children to respect burial grounds.

I hope you will take a look at the progress made thus far and take some personal satisfaction in helping to bring about the results.

Your coverage is most appreciated.

The Historic Riverside Cemetery Beautification Committee

The Beautification Commission

The Cemetery Board

Everyone pitched in to help RCBA raise money

River City Bike Association held their 2004 charity event Saturday, October 9th.

Back in August, we began selling raffle tickets for a chance to win $1,000 cash.

Our objective was to raise money to purchase a big screen television for the residents of Marengo County Nursing Home in Linden.

On behalf of our motorcycle association, we would like to thank the area businesses and local individuals who gave so generously to this cause.

Everyone was so enthusiastic when asked to buy a raffle ticket and many others graciously donated money.

The outcome far exceeded our expectations and without the support of our citizens, this would have not been feasible.

Many offered appreciation for what we are doing.

Although it’s impossible to thank everyone who bought tickets, we would like to recognize several people who played a key role and helped make this event successful.

Thanks goes to Kim McNeill of The Gold Mine, Alabama Power Company, Marengo County Deputy, Don Lewis, Linden Police Officer Scott McClure, Parr’s Chevron, Gail Dixon, and the staff of the nursing home, and everyone who offered kind words of encouragement.

Ruby Walker of Uniontown was the lucky winner of the cash prize and now our senior citizens have a 51 inch television to enjoy.

Again, thanks to all who gave and made this dream a reality.

Russ Gaddy


River City Bike Association