Senate race important to region

Published 12:00 am Saturday, October 23, 2004

Though it seems like elections will never be over, and many residents are probably tired of going to the polls, the trek needs to be made again Tuesday.

Oct. 26, residents will vote in a special election for State Senate District 24, the seat being vacated by Charles Steele, who resigned in August to devote more time to his position as president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC).

Among those vying for Steele’s seat is Demopolis City Councilman Thomas Moore, something that Marengo County Commissioner Max Joiner said is reason enough for voters to make the journey to the polls again Tuesday.

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“This election is espeically important to us here in Marengo County because we’ve got a candidate from Marengo County,” Joiner said. “By casting our votes, and I hope we do it in good numbers, we can put someone from Marengo County in that senate seat.”

Joiner pointed out that out of two senators and three representatives who represent this area, not one of them is from Marengo County.

“That’s not saying anything ill about those people, they’ve all been real good to Marengo County, but Thomas Moore has made this commitment and it will give us a little more voice in Montgomery,” he said.

Others running for District 24 are Bobby Singleton of Hale County and Bryant Melton from Tuscaloosa.

“I hope we come out in good numbers because this is a very important election to Marengo County,” Joiner said. “If we use that opportunity we will have representation in Montgomery, if we don’t we will have done ourselves a great injustice.”