Tax hike may not be such a bad idea

Published 12:00 am Saturday, October 23, 2004

Dear Editor:

I wanted to commend you on your editorial regarding the potential tax increase in Hale County.

To me, as a resident of Hale County, the issues are a little different.

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My children are in public school.

I am acutely aware that the school system needs more money.

The amount spent per child is woefully inadequate.

While no one enjoys

a tax increase, to me the benefits more than outweigh the expense.

Certainly one of the possibilities if there are no new funds for the schools, is the closing of two schools in the system namely, Akron and Sunshine.

That, to me, is a great danger.

I can just imagine how the schools in Greensboro and Moundville will absorb those children.

I can also imagine how much easier it will be for some of the students to stop attending school altogether when they have to travel 30 miles each way to get there.

Of course, having prosecuted in the juvenile court system for the better part of past decade, what I want most of all is more high school drop-outs sitting at home with nothing to do; or worse, having nothing to do and not staying at home. Not to mention the loss of jobs for the teachers and support staff at these schools.

A bond issue is a great idea, but as you know, they are limited to certain types of economic needs and needing operating expenses can not be helped by a bond issue.

Of course, I am selfish regarding this proposal.

My husband is a volunteer fireman in Hale County.

He is aware that volunteer fire departments are constantly in need of funds for equipment and training.

Most of the volunteer fire departments in Hale County (and there are several) do a terrific job, but they are certainly not overfunded.

Equipment is used and needs constant repair and replacement.

More funds could be greatly beneficial.

The ambulance service is dependent on funds from the local governments within Hale County and with the ever-increasing cost of medical care, there is no way for our service to break even.

It would be a much more fair distribution of the wealth if the entire county contributed to it.

Of course, there is so much fuss that Rep. Singleton is the one who sponsored the bill.

It has been my understanding that no other Representative from this area or even parts of this area has attempted to come up with any other solution to our desperate need for funding.

At least Rep. Singleton, who has been trying to bring industry to Hale County, recognizes that no industry will come into an area with an unstable infrastructure.

No company would want to bring employees to an area that can not adequately educate its children.

While I understand that there are individuals who can not afford one more cent for taxes, I constantly am amazed that even though I am out of funds, I can still buy enough gas to get to Wal mart.

The increase in taxes will probably not hurt near as much as that which has been occurring at the pumps, and the benefits to this increase will be clearly visible.

Vangi Rose

Hale County