DHS continues quest for the perfect season

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 27, 2004

As the Demopolis Tigers prepare for their upcoming game against Livingston, head coach Doug Goodwin and his boys have their minds set on the playoffs.

With only two more games remaining in the regular season – on the road against Livingston and a season finale against 5A Greenville at home, the Tigers are aiming for a perfect season.

“We’re just going to try and keep doing what we’ve been doing,” Goodwin said.

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“Just try to win each game each week and if you do that, everything kind of takes care of itself.”

Of course, before the playoffs start in two weeks, the Tigers must maintain their focus as they hit the road for Livingston on Friday then return home for their game against Greenville.

“I think we just need to go about taking care of our own business and keep doing things the right way,” Goodwin said.

“If we do that, then the game’s outcome will pretty much take care of itself.

As far as Greenville goes, we haven’t played them since my first year here.

And they are usually really good.

Right now, their record isn’t very good, but they haven’t lost badly.

They’ve just been getting beat by a touchdown or so.

It’s hard to say how good they are and it’s hard to say what you need to do to beat them because I haven’t seen them yet.”

Many of the Demopolis football players have previous playoff experience, and coach Goodwin hopes his boys will carry that experience with them this season as they approach the postseason.

“That’s got to help because they have been there before,” Goodwin said.

“I guess the only negative to it would be to take advantage the playoffs for granted.

And you’re not going to advance if you don’t play well, so you’ve got to be mentally prepared, be ready to play, and you’ve got to play well.

They’ve been there and they know that’s what you have to do, so hopefully they won’t take being there before for granted.”

Demopolis has been labeled as a top-notch Class 4A team since before the season even began, and coach Goodwin feels his team has handled the pressure of being ranked very well (although many people, including myself, believe they are better than the No. 4 ranking where the AISA currently has them rated).

“I think they have handled it great,” Goodwin said.

“I think we’ve played well week-in and week-out in all aspects – offense, defense, and special teams.

I think we’ve done a very good job of going out and taking care of business against some teams of not playing down to their level, but still maintaining a high level of play.

As far as being underrated, I don’t think we’re underrated because that’s where they ranked us at the beginning of the year and none of the top teams have lost.

And it’s hard to compare scores and schedules because you’re not all playing the same people every week.

I think all that stuff will take care of itself in the end.”

Hopefully coach Goodwin is right on that one.

And the biggest accomplishment this team has accomplished thus far?

“Maintaining our focus each week and playing well each week,” Goodwin said.

As far as injuries are concerned, coach Goodwin said the team is looking pretty healthy.

“Hunter Hawley had knee surgery last week and he won’t be back,” Goodwin said.

“Physically he’ll be back, but not physically.

Other than that, we just have a couple of sprains and that kind of stuff.

Nothing that we can’t play with.”

Let’s hope the Tigers can maintain the focus and execution they have showed thus far as they finish off the regular season and jump into the postseason with high hopes of bringing home a state title.