Newbern voting concerns raised by voter

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 27, 2004

NEWBERN – On Tuesday, a local woman said she and her children experienced something none to common around the Black Belt region during election time and that’s voter intimidation.

Beverly Kyser, a Newbern resident went to her local polling place on Tuesday along with her daughter and while walking up to the polls she thought a couple of campaign supporters for Bobby Singleton were standing mighty close to the voters as they walked in handing out flyers.

“When I went down there to vote at around 11:30, normally the supporters handing out flyers would be in their normal place, but three women supporting Bobby Singleton were very close to the polls and seemed intimidating,” Kyser said.

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When she left the polls, she couldn’t help but feeling like something needed to be done about the intimidation that was currently under way at the polls in Newbern. Her son needed to go vote as well, so she went home and got her camera and a tape measure, just to make sure they were in violation of the law.

She called the Hale County Probate Judge Leland Avery and Hale County Sheriff Larry Johnson and reported the incident. Avery said he had heard of a couple of problems dealing with this issue, but that was a common problem in the county.