Rush to complete jail created problem

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 28, 2004

Dear Editor,

Regarding the October 21, 2004 article on “Greene Chair is seeing red”, the record needs to be set straight. The quest to build the Greene County Jail in 2002 was a large part of the County’s present financial problem.

Everyone was left out of the decision making process on things until it was found that the financing was not in place. The collection of court fees was to be used along with the funds from the Greene County Racing Commission to pay the bond issue. The individuals orchestrating everything had forgotten to carry the process to the final stage and had the Legislature set the amount of fees to be collected. When this was realized, there was a rush to close the issue and funds were pledged that were normally used in the day-to-day operations with the stipulation that they would be returned to the County. But, because of the language of the bond issue, the funds have been put on hold.

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So, operating funds went for the bond issue of the jail and Chairman Beeker is trying to blame his staff for the financial problem. I can’t believe my eyes! This from the lips of a man who says, “I can’t lie!” The Chairman stated that he had gone to the bank and gotten information about the theft of funds, while it was the administrator who had signed paperwork to begin investigation of the lost funds. It was also the Administrator who informed him that this was going on.

Chairman Beeker sends letters of written warnings without any findings and in violation of County policy and procedures. Though it has been requested of the chairman, no substantiating evidence of his vague and unspecific charges

has been provided. His overloaded staff (contrary to the six he counts, there are three full-time and one part-time)labors on under the stress of a divided Commission with a Chairperson who uses innuendos to blame them for his own shortcomings in handling the day-to-day operations of the County. Somehow he seems to think his use of two Commissioners to get his way is the best for the county. But, his untruths, highhandedness and reliance on advice from some of questionable motivation, hurt us all in our struggling County. I believe Chairman Beeker could use our prayers!

– Mattie Atkins


also signing:

Bettie J. Knott

County Payroll , Personnel