Back to the polls

Published 12:00 am Saturday, October 30, 2004

REGION – With the Presidential Election just around the corner, many residents of the Black Belt Region will go to the polls and color in the black arrows of their new and current public officials and leaders for the next four years. There are many different choices for the general public to make in this year’s election.

Of the races, the most important one for every citizen of the United States of America is the Presidential race between Democrats- John Kerry&John Edwards, Republicans- George W. Bush&Dick Cheney, Independents- Michael Badnarik&Richard Campagna, Ralph Nader&Jan Pierce and Michael Peroutka&Chuck Baldwin. On a more statewide level, the race between Democrat- Wayne Sowell and Republican- Richard Shelby for title of United States Senator.

The spot for U.S. Representative, 7th Congressional District is also up for grabs with Democrat- Artur Davis and Republican- Steve Cameron vying for the seat. Three Associate Judge’s seats on the Supreme Court are being contested between Democrats- Robert Smith, Roger Monroe, and John Rochester and Republicans- Tom Parker, Patti Smith, and Michael Bolin.

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The Judge for the Court of Civil Appeals will be another fun race to watch between Democrat- Sharon Yates and Republican- Tommy Bryan. District 5 of the State Board of Education is an open race between Democrat- Ella Bell and Republican- Joe Knowles.

Even more offices in a more local area are going to be voted upon including District Attorney for the 17th Judicial Circuit, seats on all the County Commissions, seats on all the County’s Board of Education, and the County Constable.

This election will also play host to a lot of State Amendments including as many as eight different topics for the people to vote on.