U.S. Jones one of three schools in state making geography fun for students

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 5, 2004

DEMOPOLIS – The students in Dana Hill’s 5th grade class at US Jones Elementary School have found a new way to learn about the world. They have started a project called Postcard Geography.

“I learned about this project from a friend at a Mountain Brook school up north,” said Hill. “You have to sign up and enroll on-line and there are only certain days that they will allow you to enroll,” said Hill.

There are only three schools in Alabama that are currently enrolled. Mrs. Hill hopes to get many more before the project ends in February.

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Several students were eager to talk about their experiences in this learning experience. “When other students send us their postcards we have the chance to learn about different cultures, classroom differences and even the state flower,” said Andrew Gwin, the class internet specialist.

The students even received one postcard from Japan.

“Japan has a lot of fortune tellers,” said Gray Scarborough. “The students in Japan even bragged about how well behaved the people are there,” said Scarborough.

“We learned about how small the schools in Australia are,” said Amber Lucy.

Many other students had comments about the project, ranging from learning how to do a postcard to meeting new people around the world.

The class goes to the office daily to check for more postcards. “Sometimes the children fool me by telling me there was not any new mail and then turn around and produce a handful,” said Hill.

The Library of Congress is responsible for Postcard Geography. It has become a great teaching instrument for teachers around the country. The students get to learn geography by hands on experience rather than just studying books

The children at US Jones change the postcards up on a regular basis. This gives them the chance to show other students more about where they live and what historical events took place in their city. They have already received 46 postcards from the 200 that were sent out. Mrs. Hill anticipates sending out another 150 before the campaign ends.