York funding is saved by vote

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 5, 2004

Staff Report

YORK – On Wednesday the York City Council had its bi-weekly meeting. There was only one important item on the agenda that had to be voted on by the council.

The USDA resolutions for the authorization to execute documents for flood plain restrictions had to be voted on before the city lost its funding.

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Council members unanimously voted to authorize Mayor Gosa to sign “any and all” documents pertaining to the RUS Loan and grant.

The city will receive funding to improve the 100-year flood plain area.

The budget work session was removed from the agenda and there were no other items to be addressed.

The only question heard from the citizens was about the late Price Tillery.

Tillery passed away recently and his seat has not been filled as of yet.

“We have 60 days to fill the seat and we will be discussing this in our executive session tonight,” Gosa said.

Tillery had wished that his wife fill the seat, but there have been several other suggestions and the mayor said she wants to make the best selection for the council and the City of York.

– Bethany Wallace