Chief might get axed

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 10, 2004

CUBA – After stemming off an assualt case, Cuba Police Chief Chris Vaughn is once again fighting.

This time, his opponent may be tougher.

The Cuba City Council may eliminate Vaughn’s job and the police department.

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After being cleared of charges stemming from a July 2003 shooting, Vaughan is now ready to go back to work. But some members of the council now feel that there is no need for a police department in Cuba.

A motion to disband the department was brought to the table during the council’s Monday night meeting.

After an hour-long discussion, the council finally tabled the motion. It will be added to the agenda of December’s meeting.

Vaughan has been serving the city of Cuba for 18 years and isn’t old enough to retire.

He told council members that he needed to keep working in order to maintain both his income and insurance coverage.

One council member asked Vaughan if the city could help him with the cost of insurance by offering him a part time job.

“I would be offended,” said Vaughan of the offer. “I’ve given 18 years, night and day to this city. You can’t please everybody. I’ve done the best I can.”

If the city of Cuba decides to abolish the police department there will be legalities to go through. The motion has to be posted for all town members to read and review.

Town members can then address their opinions to the council.