Jackson ‘just looking forward to every game’

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 1, 2004

Senior Vincent Jackson can’t wait to hit the field on Friday night in Mobile, and he remembers how much hard work and dedication it has taken for the Demopolis Tigers to get here.

And defensively, Jackson has had a lot to do with the Tigers success this season.

“Last year, I had to step it up because we lost a lot of seniors,” Jackson said.

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“Then from carrying over from last year to this year, I just tried to do good because I knew there would be a lot of recruiters out here looking at us because we have a good team.

And I just had to step it up so I could get as much playing time as I needed, and also so I could show all the recruiters how good I am.”

So far this season, Jackson has six pass deflections, eight interceptions, and three fumble recoveries with one returned for a touchdown.

“That’s an awesome year for right now,” Jackson said.

“I’m just trying to do as good as I can right now, just taking one game at a time.

I just give honor, thanks, and glory to God because if it wasn’t for Him, it wouldn’t be like this.

I’m just trying to step my game up from last year because I was kind of nervous last year of being a starter.

But this year, it’s a whole total different year.”

Jackson might have had a few jitters last year, but this year he looks at himself as a leader.

“Everything with being nervous last year is way gone,” Jackson said.

“Every game, I’m relaxed and I used to have butterflies every game.

And now I’ll be ready to play.

I’ll be anxious.

I’m serious, I’ll be angry.

Just looking forward to every game.”

One game that stands out in Jackson’s mind as one of his best performances was the Tigers regular season game against the Hornets of Dallas County.

“I would put out Dallas County as one of my best games,” Jackson said.

“On special teams, I had two fumble recoveries.

And then on defense, I had a lot of pass deflections.

And that was a big game for me.”

Jackson is very humble when it comes to playing defense at Demopolis.

In fact, he always says it’s not just him out there, but there are 10 other guys out there that help get the job done.

“Starting with the line, they stepped up completely because they are the reason we have picks because they pressure the quarterback,” Jackson said.

“And then for the linebackers – they do there job with attacking, and I give thanks to them so that we don’t have to come up because they are doing all the things we don’t have to do and then the secondary – playing with them is like everything.

They take all the pressure off me and I take the pressure off them.

Playing back there is like being in heaven.”

In Jackson’s opinion, the offensive unit on this year’s squad has stepped up tremendously from year’s past.

“The improvement on offense is great because last year we didn’t average that many points and we didn’t have people step up like they were supposed to,” Jackson said.

“And this year, we have 16 seniors.

That’s the reason why I think we are having a good year because we have 16 seniors from last year when we had four.

This year, there is a lot of leadership and a lot of people stepping up.”

When the Tigers enter Mobile on Friday night to battle the Bulldogs, expect Jackson to be pumped up, angry, and ready to play some tough football.

Not only that, but the UMS offense better remember where Jackson is standing on defense, because he may very well come up with a couple more picks to add to his already impressive pigskin resume.