Surgeons successful removing Vice’s tumor

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 3, 2004

The outlook was good for Linden Mayor Pat Vice following Wednesday’s surgery. Vice, who underwent a complicated procedure at Birmingham’s Carraway Hospital to remove a tumor from his brain, was alert and doing well Thursday morning. Vice was admitted to the hospital Monday after the tumor was discovered in the hopes of catching it in its early stages. Vice was taken into surgery around 1:30 Wednesday afternoon for a procedure that lasted well into the afternoon.

Linden City Clerk Pam Duke said after speaking with Vice Thursday morning she felt very good about the mayor’s outlook.

After removing the tumor doctors discovered that it was malignant. However, they were successful in removing the whole tumor which was excellent news for Vice and his family.

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Doctors will likely know more about the tumor as more tests are performed.

Duke said they feel very good about Vice’s outlook and hope to see him back soon.

While Vice is in recovery Mayor Pro-tem Ivan Allday will step in to take the duties of mayor.