Sweet Water’s O-line continues to get job done

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 3, 2004

Denton Ramsey/sports editor

It’s been said before, but it will be said again.

The Sweet Water Bulldogs are having a cinderalla season, and they are one game away from heading to the championship game.

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And much of the Bulldogs success has to do with the offensive line.

Johnson isn’t alone on that attitude.

Head coach Stacy Luker has stressed playing as a team more than any other aspect in the game of football.

According to the starting offensive line, the Loachapoka game stands out as one of their best performances.

In order for Sweet Water to win and advance in tonight’s game against Brantley, the offensive line will be called upon again to continue to do what they have done all season long.

Outside of the offensive line and their job, the offense has done their share of stepping up to get things done.

Sweet Water’s offensive line also believes the coaching staff has done a remarkable job of getting the team on the right track.

With every new season comes changes.

And this season, that change has been a major positive.

Sweet Water’s defense has done a good job of making things happen this season as well, especially in the postseason.

But don’t tell the Bulldogs they are underdogs, because they view their team as one of the best.

And they have every reason to believe that.

One of the turning points in Sweet Water’s season was a heart-breaking loss to the highly touted American Christian Patriots, a team that Brantley defeated last week to advance to the semifinals.

But with tough losses comes a lot of growing up.

And the Bulldogs have done just that.

This year’s Bulldogs played much better than last year when they faced ACA.

If the Bulldogs can stay true to form as they have through the entire postseason, Brantley very well may be staying at home next Friday night listening to the championship game on the radio.

The ultimate answer will be known sometime later this evening.

Until then, the cinderalla story lives on.