Bulldogs prove leadership doesn’t also mean seniors

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 7, 2004

SWEET WATER &045;&045; For a team with only three seniors it would seem that Sweet Water would be in trouble when it comes to leadership. This has not been the case. The Bulldogs have used the leadership of one of their seniors as well as underclassmen.

Senior Tony Johnson and junior Blake Luker have stepped into the role of team leaders using more action than words. While both can be verbal leaders their biggest contribution comes in the way they carry themselves. Bulldog Head Coach Stacy Luker said that is what has won the admiration of their coaches and teammates.

Luker said anytime players are feeing down they can look to the pair and get a clear visual of how football is supposed to be played.

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Luker said their leadership goes far deeper than just football. He said the pair provides a positive example of how to live off the football field too.

Leadership was probably the only question Luker and his staff had going into the season.

The Bulldogs were sound in most every other category. Throw leadership into the mix and suddenly the Bulldogs looked like a contender.

Luker said another major part of his team has been pride. The players take a lot of pride in representing their school and their community. There is a lot of history behind the Sweet Water program and Luker said while many of his players are too young to remember the Bulldogs last title, they are aware of the tradition.

Luker said it has been a while since the Bulldogs were on top, but there were plenty of people around to remind his players of what it was like when Sweet Water claimed its last title in 1986.

Friday, the Bulldogs hope to continue the tradition and add another trophy to the case.