Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 9, 2004

Get out the vote

Tuesday’s senate election is critical to the future of West Alabama.

Although whoever wins the Democratic run-off will face a Republican challenger in January, James Carter just isn’t much of a threat. For all practical purposes, Tuesday’s special run-off will decide whether Bobby Singleton or Thomas Moore will go to Montgomery as West Alabama’s state senator.

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The election presents an unparalleled opportunity for our region to take one gigantic leap forward.

With problems as divergent as health care, education, adequate housing and the highest unemployment in the state, we can ill afford to send someone to the Senate who lacks the ability to forge the new relationships necessary to bring the bacon home to Marengo, Hale, Perry, Sumter, Choctaw, Tuscaloosa and Bibb counties.

The best man to do that job is Thomas Moore.

Moore has a proven ability to build partnerships that create the type of synergy needed to address the many problems the Black Belt faces, and knows how to translate that synergy into tangible results.

He’s done it for years as a city councilman in Demopolis, and can replicate the strategy successfully in the Legislature.

Thomas Moore is one leader who knows that coming together has a much greater impact than the temporary gains seen by driving wedges and fostering a sectionalist mentality. He’s demonstrated as much in this very campaign with the endorsements of both Sen. Hank Sanders’ New South Coalition and Rep. Artur Davis’ camp, which haven’t always been on the same side of the stick.

Moore has bridged the racial divide as well, treating his constituents as neither “black” nor “white” but rather as “citizens” and “stakeholders.” Our region can ill afford yet another politician in Montgomery that places the politics of race above accomplishment and progress. His commodity isn’t race, it’s people and we believe it is quite evident.

It would be a travesty not to send a man who, through demonstration, has consistently represented the needs of his constituency rather than his own personal needs.

Thomas Moore is that man. Let’s send him to Montgomery next week.

We need Moore.