UAB treats Artur Davis for illness

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 13, 2004

A combination of flu-like symptoms and the non-stop fast-paced job of a United States Congressman finally got the best of Seventh District Congressman Artur Davis, landing him in the hospital for several days.

The congressman was admitted to UAB Hospital Wednesday evening with a diagnosis of full-blown pneumonia, Public Relations Coordinator Corey Ealons said.

“They immediately began an intense regimen of intravenous fluids, heavy doses of antibiotics and oxygen, and after 48 hours of that and bedrest, he is well on his way to a full recovery,” Ealons said.

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Davis had reportedly been feeling ill for nearly two weeks, “displaying flu-like symptoms including dehydration and overall exhaustion,” Ealons said.

“This required him to forego his normally high-paced schedule including participation in the lame duck session of Congress that passed the Intelligence Reform Bill,” he said.

Ealons said that really didn’t make a difference on how the bills were passed, however, because Davis would have supported both the Omnibus Bill and the Intelligence Reform Bill.

As for when he will be back, Ealons said doctors are hoping to release Davis from the hospital today or tomorrow, but said they will review his schedule this weekend to determine what events and appointments he will be able to make and which ones he won’t.

“Right now we’re taking it day to day,” Ealons said. “We just have to see what the doctors have to say and what is realistic for him to do. Right now we just don’t know.”

Jeremy Sherer, a Davis staff member in his Birmingham district office said the congressman’s hectic schedule had a lot to do with his illness.

“He’s been sick on and off for about a week or so,” he said. “He keeps a [hectic] schedule and is always on the move.”

However, Demopolis Mayor Cecil Williamson, who had sent flowers to Davis, said Davis is expected to be at a Faunsdale function on Tuesday.