City gets chance to celebrate title

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 16, 2004

Though the state championship game ended Friday, the excitement has continued in the City of Demopolis. Wednesday the celebration rolled on as the players, coaches, cheerleaders, band and other Tiger supporters had a chance to really bring their state championship home with a parade.

The Tigers cruised down Walnut Street where a ceremony was waiting at the City Park. Actually, it was more of a mob of Tiger fans than a ceremony. So many Tiger faithful braved the cool temperatures there was little room to stand. It proved to be well worth a little chill.

Demopolis Mayor Cecil P. Williamson was the first to greet the team.

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“The City of Demopolis appreciates what you have done and we are proud of you,” Williamson said. “We know you worked very hard for this and we are proud of you.”

Everyone agreed that many key ingredients went into the championship season. Naturally, coaching was at the top of the list. However, Demopolis Head Coach Doug Goodwin passed the praise down the line.

“I would like to thank everyone for supporting us,” Goodwin said. “This has been a special season and we thank everyone who has been a part of it. The cheerleaders, the band and, of course, our water girls.”

Goodwin’s son and state championship game Most Valuable Player Devin Goodwin, said it had been a fun ride and he would miss Demopolis High School and his teammates next fall.

“Demopolis has made this a lot of fun,” Goodwin said. “All my life I have wanted to win a championship and we were able to do that here.

I am going to miss all my teammates and everyone.”

The players had a series of admirers who took time to let them know what a special year this had been. Mike Randall, who was part of the Tiger broadcast team this season, said the 2004 squad had something no other Tiger team had before.

“We have always had the horses,” Randall said. “They have always had that carrot dangled in front of their nose. This year, they did what no other Demopolis team has ever been able to do.”