Community will meet unit’s needs

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The 200th Battalion made it very clear what was needed from those they were leaving behind Monday. When asked what the community could do to help the 200th along after their deployment there was a very consistent response. Send your prayers and hold the homes and families together. Many at the sendoff said they planned to do just that.

Rev. Billy Harris, pastor of Linden Baptist Church, said his congregation would be sure to offer constant support through their words and prayers.

Harris and his church have been holding prayer sessions each Wednesday especially for the 200th and said they will continue to do so.

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Linden City Administrator Cheryl Hall, who stood in for Mayor Pat Vice, offered the support of the city and its residents

Lt. Col. James E. Porter Jr. said the support from their friends and family was of the utmost importance. He said his unit would gladly hold up their end of the bargain to protect the nation and asked everyone at home to keep their part of the deal as well.

Porter said knowing everything was going smoothly at home helped tremendously.

Rev. Jim Meadow, of Linden United Methodist Church, used a patriotic tune to let the soldiers know he was behind them.