Editors note: these poems were written by Dawn Pate, who recently lost her home to fire.

Published 12:00 am Thursday, December 30, 2004

A Christmas Tragedy

So close to Christmas

I was jolly and free,

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Without a thought

Of what was to be.

A call came in

From a lady so sad,

She had some news

It sounded bad.

A house was on fire

It was burning fast,

Pretty soon there would be nothing,

Nothing but ash.

I was worried,

I was scared.

The house, I thought

Would be so bare.

Then someone said,

With hurt in their voice

It was our house, everything gone

All of your clothes and tons of your toys.

I cried and cried,

I felt so sick

They had to find a home

And find it quick.

Thanks to Jackie&Diane

We soon had a house

Not a crumb on the floor

Not a sign of a mouse.

People were helping to give us Christmas,

A Christmas joy that we could cherish

Through all of this we had faith

The one thing we had that would not perish.

Thanks to the people

Who gave to help us all

For not being greedy

And helping us up from a fall.

Demopolis is Great

Demopolis is great

The people are kind

This is the wonderful place

I’ve had in mind.

Thank you for doing

All you have done

Thanks to you, my Christmas

Was amazingly fun.

Thank you to all of Marengo County for helping my family in our time of need. Thanks to the people who remained anonymous and the people who came forth. So many people helped, it’s not possible to mention them all. I’m just glad no one was hurt in our tragedy. So thanks, Marengo County for supporting us.

– Dawn Pate