Attempted murder charges filed

Published 12:00 am Monday, January 3, 2005

GREENSBORO – Christmas Day is normally a time of peaceful gatherings for family and friends. For one Hale County man, it was quite the opposite.

Raymond Leo Long, 38, of Greensboro was arrested Christmas Day on attempted murder charges. Long and an unnamed person apparently had an argument earlier in the day. Long never got over the argument and decided to take the disagreement a step further.

Hale County Sheriff Larry Johnson said the argument was a domestic situation that almost ended in tragedy. Johnson said once a deputy was on the scene Long went quietly.

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“It was just a domestic situation that turned worse,” Johnson said. “He didn’t give us any problem when they went to pick him up.”

Hale County Sheriff Deputy Carlier Agnew responded to the call. Agnew found Long with a handgun at the scene. The caliber of the weapon was not released, but it was said the weapon would mean more trouble for Long. In addition to the charges of attempted murder, Long will also face charges for unlawful possession of a firearm.

Long remains in the Hale County Jail.

Days earlier the department also solved what could have turned into a drug-producing venture. On Dec. 21, David Paul Channell, 23, of Kennedy was arrested for possession of Anhydrous Ammonia. Johnson said the chemical is a key ingredient of a very dangerous drug.

“It is used to make methamphetamines,” Johnson said. “This was one of a few arrests that have been made in Moundville recently.”

Johnson said some locals have victimized a nearby mill to get the chemical for the purpose of operating a methamphetamine lab.

“They have a big tank out at Chandler Milling Company in Moundville,” Johnson said. “From time to time people will come out there and try to get ammonia out of the tank to make methamphetamines. We have made a few arrests of other people recently for the exact same thing.”

Johnson said the department planned to keep a close watch on the plant to make further arrests.