Start the resolutions: Area citizens seek spirituality and financial health

Published 12:00 am Monday, January 3, 2005

Today begins a new year and a new beginning for many. On the first day of each year people everywhere officially put New Years Resolutions into practice. These resolutions usually vary from person to person and can range from personal to larger scales.

Felicia Williams said she hopes the coming year would bring good fortune her way. Williams said she hoped 2005 would have a bright outlook for her and her family.

“I just want to prosper and do well,” Williams said. “That is my resolution. I don’t really make big resolutions, I just want to prosper and do well.”

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Katrina Perry had similar plans for 2005.

“I just want to be spiritually and financially blessed,” Perry said. “I would like to prosper as well, but those are my main two.”

Some resolutions are not quite as traditional. As a matter of fact, some of them aren’t true resolutions at all. Some simply vow to keep doing what they are doing and use the New Year to keep up the good work.

Lucy Tinker said she does not really make a New Years resolution. Tinker said she tries to work on self-improvement every day and use New Years as a new period to put this into practice.

“I don’t really have a New Years resolution to improve personally,” Tinker said. “That is something I work on every day. I just start over every year and work on it every day.”

Kevin Skipper also strayed from the traditional New Years resolution. Skipper said he would make more of a personal challenge than a resolution.

“I am not so much making a resolution as I am making a commitment,” Skipper said. “My commitment is to make more time for myself and to make the best even better.”

Among the most popular resolutions is a strong personal vow to get into shape. Each year people see Jan. 1 as a great kickoff date for a new exercise program. Kimberly Holley said she would do just that this New Years.

“My resolution is to exercise more,” Holley said. “I am going to try to get into better shape and exercise more than I have been.”

On the other hand some will take another approach. Sheree Johnson jokingly said she plans to put away the gym membership and enjoy herself.

“My resolution is to eat more and exercise less,” Johnson said. “I might as well be honest about it!”

Normally, when people think of a New Years resolution they think of a strong personal commitment. This is not always the case. Some businesses and organizations also make resolutions as a group.

One group, the Family Resource Center of the Hale Empowerment and Revitalization Organization, made a resolution for the organization as a whole.

Executive Director Eva Bryant Greene said their vow was to continue to serve Hale County the best way they could.

“The New Years Resolution for the HERO Family Resource Center will be to continue t empower the families of Hale County by offering quality programs that focus on keeping children in safe and healthy environments,” Greene said.