Mitchell not among the MIAs

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Recently stories circulated through Demopolis that some harm may have come to one of the city’s favorite sons. Former River City resident Sgt. Eugene Mitchell had been rumored to be missing in action while serving in Iraq.

The rumors were unfounded and untrue as Mitchell’s mother Rosie said her son was doing fine.

“I talked to him last week and he was fine,” Mitchell said. “He was never reported missing. That was just a rumor that got started around here. He was never missing.”

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Mitchell said many people had stopped her on the streets to ask how Eugene was doing and if he was okay.

“People have been coming by and asking and stopping me in the streets to ask about him,” Mitchell said. “But he is okay. He is doing just fine.”

Mitchell was a resident of Demopolis for almost all his life. He was

a Demopolis man from the very beginning

Mitchell was born in Demopolis on Christmas Day of 1963 to the late Brother Melvin Mitchell and Rosie.. He also graduated from Demopolis High School where he was a well-known member of the Tiger football team.

Rosie said Mitchell is still serving somewhere in the Middle East. However, security restrictions keep his family from knowing exactly where.

“He is serving in the army over there right now,” Mitchell said.” I don’t know what unit he is with right now or exactly where he is. They keep them moving and take them from one place to another. They can’t really tell people where they are at.”

Mitchell has been deployed since June of last year. Mitchell said he was finally sent overseas after completing additional training.

She said she wanted everyone to know that her son was doing fine and to send him a very special message. “May God bless you.”