Griggers moves office to Demopolis

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 6, 2005

District Attorney Greg Griggers announced recently he would be moving his office to Demopolis. The move is now complete.

Shortly after Christmas Griggers and his staff moved into their new home of 113 West Washington Street. Griggers moved from Livingston where he said the Sumter County Commission did an outstanding job of making them feel welcome. However, there was a need for expansion and that need was met in Demopolis.

“Even though the citizens of Sumter County and the Commission were very good about giving us a place to be it was not adequate as an office,” Griggers said. “We were not able to find another place over there and we found this place which was already set up as an office.”

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Griggers spoke very fondly of his time in Sumter County and said they went above and beyond making him comfortable there.

“I want to stress how extremely grateful I am to the people of Sumter County for all they did for me,” Griggers said. “They were great.”

For Griggers and most of his staff the shift to Demopolis will be a positive one. Many of them call Marengo County home and the move will make their daily commute easier.

“It really was a lot more convenient to move to Demopolis,” Griggers said. “My family is here and most of the families of the people that work for me are here so the move was a big help.”

Such a move would not seem to be easy. However, Griggers said things went very smoothly.

“The move was fairly easy,” Griggers said. “We started the week before Christmas and we were in this building pretty soon after then. It wasn’t all that hard.”

Griggers said the move itself had been fairly easy. Now that they are in the building he said it was just a matter of getting everything in the proper location.

“We do have a lot of files and we are just working on finding places for everything and getting it all in place,” Griggers said. “We are just getting settled in.”