Former Bama star returning to state for area baseball camp

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 7, 2005

Jeremy Brown, a catcher for the Midland Rockhounds (AA) during the 2004 season, is looking forward to returning to a place he calls home when he and other professional athletes will help to lead this year’s DHS baseball camp on January 29.

Brown, a former University of Alabama baseball player, is very excited about the opportunity to teach young kids about the game.

“I’m very excited.

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I’ve never been to the camp before, and I’m looking forward to going and seeing what its all about,” Brown said. “I call Alabama home.

Actually, my wife and I are moving there soon.

That’s where I grew up.

I went and played baseball at the University and I love it.”

For Brown, this will be a chance to return home before moving here for good in April.

As far as climbing the ladder in the minor league system, Brown has yet to reach the majors – but he’s not giving up and realizes that the pros is much different than high school and college baseball.

“I haven’t been to the big leagues yet, but I spent last season at the AA level,” Brown said.

“AA ball is a lot different than college.

You play every day.

Which is fun, but it’s a grind.

You have to take care of yourself and take care of your body.

But I love what I do.”

Ryan Sandburg was Brown’s favorite player growing up as a kid, and Jeremy’s biggest role model in his life has been his father.

“I’d probably say my dad has been the biggest influence in my life,” Brown said.

“As far as baseball wise, he coached me from when I was five years old until I was 12.

And when it comes to baseball, we still have a close relationship.

Buy beyond that, he’s someone I can always call and count on.”

Brown’s goal to play professional baseball began when he was a kid, and he’s still working in accomplishing that goal.

“I think that’s been a dream of mine from ever since I was younger,” Brown said.

“It’s something I always wanted to do and something I want to continue to pursue doing.”

According to Brown, during the tough times in college and in the minor leagues, the love for the game is what keeps him motivated.

“You just have to go at it every day,” Brown said.

“And its something I love to do, so I just try to stay confident to myself.

And hope that the things I do in the off-season will pay off.”

Outside of baseball, Brown enjoys hunting and playing golf – two things he’ll be getting a chance to do prior to the baseball camp when he arrives in Demopolis.

Brown has used dedication and work to get to where he is today, and he says that ‘working hard’ is the key factor he has learned since being drafted.

“You just have to work hard.

Especially once you turn pro,” Brown said.

“Every year there’s a draft and someone coming to take your job.

You just have to work hard and stay dedicated to it.”