Hale County books neglected

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 7, 2005

The New Year got off to a fast start for Hale County Administrator Tricia Galbreath. Since her hiring in late November Galbreath has been trying to get the county’s books back up to par.

The problem arose when it was discovered for the last two years the books had not been posted. In fact, since October of 2003, the books had been overlooked.

Commission Chairman and Probate Judge Leland Avery said this discovery led to the dismissal of former County Administrator Regina Chavers. Leleand added this created a great deal of problems.

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“The former administrator did not keep up the books for the last two years,” Avery said. “They hadn’t been kept up for the last two years and they are working on that right now.

They have been behind for and now they are trying to get that straightened out.”

The books track the general business of the county and must be kept current for accurate records and reports.

Leland said Galbreath has been working diligently to get things back in order.

“She is doing a very good job of it,” Avery said. “She has been really working hard to get it done.”

Since her hire Galbreath has dedicated most of her time to the books. Galbreath said the job is tough, but things have been progressing well.

“It has been good so far,” Galbreath said. “We have been pretty busy for a while, but we are getting there.”

The process of getting caught up has not been terribly difficult. In a short period of time Galbreath has been able to make months of progress. She said by the time she left work Thursday she would be getting closer to the end of the year.

“When I leave today I should be up to September of 2004,” Galbreath said. “I am just working as hard as I can. I am getting in early and staying late to make sure this gets done.”

Galbreath credited one reason for her progress as the support she has received from the rest of the staff. She said everyone had been very helpful in the process.

“I am enjoying it,” Galbreath said. “Everybody has been wonderful and helpful.”

When a search for a new administrator was begun Galbreath was an easy choice. Prior to coming to Hale County she spent 25 years in county office work with Marion County.

this before. While in Marion County she served as a bookkeeper, which is a closely associated position to administrator.