Keep weapons away from kids

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 7, 2005

Editorial Jan. 7, 2005

There is a problem in our schools that needs to be addressed immediately. It seems that every day there is an incident in this country where a student has brought a weapon to school. Sometimes the problem is taken care of with little trouble. However, several incidents sprinkled over the past few years have shown us what the possibilities are if the weapons are not detected.

Wednesday morning, yet another incident was reported. This time it occurred in our very own state. A young lady attending a school in Foley was taken into custody when teachers learned she had brought a knife to school. While the girl never harmed anyone and never posed a specific threat to any students or faculty the fact remains this is becoming a problem.

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One of the most unfortunate pieces of the story was its most surprising element. Most readers would have shrugged the incident off as another day in school if it had been at a high school. The only thing that really made the story stand out as unique was it happening at a junior high school. This behavior is unacceptable at any level and can’t be tolerated.

Some have even claimed the school overreacted because it was “only a kitchen knife.” There is no such thing as an overreaction by a school administrator when the safety of students and teachers are thought to be in jeopardy.

Too many students have begun to use this type of behavior as a joke and a means to get negative attention. They do not understand just how serious a threat like this can be. It is up to the schools and the parents to deal with these situations and let students know how serious bringing a weapon to school can be.

Kids who are afraid to go to school can’t learn, An environment that is not considered a safety zone to them is not an environment they will flourish in s pupils.

It all begins at home. If you knbow what your child is up to you can prevent most incidents from happening. Parents and teachers can’t be everywhere at any time. They can take an active role in their child or students life to attepmt to prevent further incidents from happening.

We should all do our part to make sure no more incidents happen. Our schools and students are important to us all and we have to do whatever is necessary to keep them safe.