Singleton relies on strong base to win Senate seat

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Each time Bobby Singleton has run and each time he has won. Now, for the third time, Singleton has hit the road to campaign for the seat of Alabama Senate District 24.

Singleton, who is no stranger to the campaign trail, said he has taken the same approach as before.

“I have just been out there pounding the pavement and trying to encourage people to come out and vote,” Singleton said

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“I especially encourage the people of Marengo County who supported me and those who supported Moore to come out and support me too.”

One of the major concerns for the race is a low voter turnout. For the last two elections the turnout actually improved. In October, 17,390 voters went to the polls while in December 17,496cast ballots. However, this election deals with fewer people so the turnout is expected to be drastically smaller.

Singleton said he feels the turnout will be low, but doesn’t expect the results to change.

“I think there will be a low turnout, but I do not think it will effect the results of the election,” Singleton said,

“I represent a district where I am very well known and I think if all those people get out and vote I will be in good shape.”

When voters head to the polls this time they will choose between Singleton and little known challenger Rev. James Carter. Singleton said while he does not know much about Carter, he would not look past him.

“My opponent has been really quiet so far and I have not heard much from him,” Singleton said. “I am not taking him lightly though. I know he will be out there and I am treating him like any other opponent.”

One of the biggest challenges for Singleton has been in the financial department of his campaign. A single campaign can be costly enough, but when a candidate is forced to hit the road for a third time something usually has to give.

Singleton said he feels his camp will be stronger this time around. He said during the December election his campaign was not at its peak. Since that time they have regrouped and pushed forward.

“I think we will be better off financially for this election,” Singleton said. “Last time we were lacking a little bit financially, but I think this time we will be in better shape.”

Singleton said he feels the strong financial backing will give him the tools to prevail once again.

“I think this race will be about organization,” Singleton said. “It will be about who is more organized. I think we have the people to put on the ground to make it happen.”

Singleton has an enormous edge over his opponent in name recognition and experience. After two elections is it hard to find a voter who does not know his name or his face. Singleton felt the experience he has gained would be a key to winning the election and claiming the seat.

“I think that people want a person with experience and I think I can provide them with that,” Singleton said. “It has been tough to get out there and campaign for a third time, but I am up to the task and I feel I can represent the people well.”