Residents still without sewage

Published 12:00 am Saturday, February 5, 2005

For years the Bell Street community in south Demopolis has hoped to see the addition of a sewage system and repairs to their deteriorating road. Thursday night Bell Street resident William Smith appealed to the new council to help him see positive changes come.

Smith said he had lived in the area for almost 30 years and had not seen improvements.

“We never had basic sewage out there of any type,” Smith said. “This is a need for everyone in any community that they live in. I have been dealing with this since 1978 and I want to ask you once again to help us.”

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Smith said the community had been operating on a sub par system for waste disposal for many years. Smith stressed the need for an upgrade.

“We need sewer out there in that area,” Smith said. “We have never had it. I moved out into that area and we put a cesspool out there. We are still on that cess pool I put there in 1976 and I can’t express how hard I have to work to keep it going. We need a sewer out there and I hope you can all do what you have to help us get it.”

Smith said traffic from heavy vehicles had also wreaked havoc on the street itself. He said there was an immediate need for resurfacing and other repairs.

“We also need a new street out there,” Smith said. “The street hasn’t been paved in a long time and it s getting torn all up. Alabama Power comes through there constantly with their heavy trucks and it has really just torn the road up.”

Smith said the needs could not wait. He said every day the situation gets worse and something needed to be done right away.

“It has been a long time and this is something we need daily,” Smith said. “We are not talking about something that can be put aside. We are talking about a basic human need.”

The council met Smith with an open ear. Melvin Yelverton, who is the representative for the area, said he has already started working on bringing improvements to the area. Yelverton said Bell Street has become a top priority.

“I have been through there,” Yelverton said. “That is my area and I have heard from the utility board that the area is going to be top priority to get a grant out there. The utility board has said it will be top priority. We are working diligently on that.”