Train collides with trailer

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 11, 2005

“It could have been a lot worse.” These words were uttered over and over again at the scene of an accident involving a truck hauling heavy equipment and a train on Marengo County Road 47 Thursday afternoon.

The accident occurred sometime after 4 p.m. when the truck, which was hauling a backhoe on a trailer, apparently tried to beat the train across the tracks. The truck itself made the race, but the trailer and backhoe were hit squarely.

Fortunately, everyone involved in the accident escaped serious injury.

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Those arriving on the scene had to have expected the worst from the situation. Alabama State Troopers, The Marengo County Sheriff’s Department and the South Marengo Rescue Squad all arrived only to find a tangled mess with wreckage in three different locations. The truck, which was traveling southbound, was thrown into the ditch to the right of the railroad crossing. The backhoe was jarred from its trailer and thrown fifty yards in another direction. The trailer itself was pushed some 100 yards down the tracks where it rested against the train engine in a crumpled heap.

As dangerous as the situation was it seemed even more so with a closer look at the backhoe. The vehicle, which was completely, destroyed lay in pieces mere yards from a residence. Fortunately the yellow wreck ended its projection before it could damage the home or cause injuries.

Most likely, the accident was one that never should have happened. A stop sign clearly stands out before the tracks, which, according to many who live in the area is often ignored.

The nature of the accident left many questions to be answered and troopers were still searching fro answers at press time.

Troopers planned to remain on the scene into the night and during the clean up effort in order to put the pieces together.

More information on the accident should be available today.