Sunny days are gone again

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Mother Nature was in a good mood Monday as she supplied a near flawless day for everyone to enjoy. With the schools and most businesses closed it was the perfect day to strike up favorite spring activities.

The sunshine and mid-70’s temperatures prompted many to ask the question “Is spring finally here for good?” Each year the first warm snap creates false hopes of kissing winter goodbye for the rest of the year. However, each year we are disappointed.

Ken Graham, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Birmingham, said this year will be no different. Graham said in Alabama the weather is never truly predictable.

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“If you wait long enough the weather will change,” Graham said. “This time of year it is always changing with different systems.”

Graham said what we are experiencing now is warm weather being pushed up from tropical areas.

“Right now we are experiencing an upper level system that is moving through the area,” Graham said. “What that has done is opened us up to some warm air from the south. Once that passes through we will cool down a little.”

The trend is not expected to come until the middle of the week. Today’s temperatures were to continue to be partly sunny. A chance of showers and thunderstorms are expected with highs around 74.

Graham said the showers will cool things down and temperatures will drop back to where they would normally be.

“We will probably cool down to temperatures with the high’s in the 50’s,” Graham said. “There wont be any drastic changes though.”

While the numbers may look like the drop will be drastic, they will actually only be falling to where normal temperatures range for this time of year. Graham said do not be fooled by the plunge.

Temperatures will still be comfortable.

“It could be that temperatures by the end of the week will have fallen by 15 degrees, but that will just be taking us back to normal temperatures for this year,” Graham said. “There wont be anything artic moving in.”

Wednesday will likely net the biggest change as high’s will be in the 50’s. Wet conditions should keep temperatures in that range throughout the weekend.

Graham said his best advice was to tell everyone not to break out the summer wardrobe just yet. However, he also stressed there would be no need for preparations for weather below the freezing mark.