Police persistence nets arrest in Eutaw

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Eutaw Police made an arrest in a recent crime and also satisfied a warrant that had been around for years last week.

The first arrest came Tuesday when officers were also able to make an arrest on a warrant that had been sworn out years before.

On Feb. 15 authorities apprehended Darius Moulton of Greensboro Street in Tuscaloosa. Eutaw Police Chief Reginald Spencer said Moulton had been behind bars for most of the time the warrant had been outstanding.

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“We arrested him on an old warrant we had on possession of a forged instrument,” Spencer said. “That warrant was April 10 of 2000. He had been incarcerated pretty much all that time.”

The second arrest came on Friday as the result of an afternoon craps game. A difference of opinions in the game led to an assault, a robbery and an arrest. Spencer said the alleged assailant likely felt there was cheating in the game and decided to get his money back one way or another.

On Feb. 18 Kyle Fowler, 26, of Eutaw was arrested and charged with robbery first degree.

Spencer said the charges were made and the incident would be worked out in court.

“In this case he was charged with robbery,” Spencer said. “This guy filing the report said he got up to leave a dice game and he hit him in the back of the head with a beer bottle and stole his money.”

Police believe this was a situation where the alleged assailant felt he had been cheated out of his money and did not plan to let it out of his possession without a struggle. Spencer said Fowler was cooperative and turned himself in to authorities when he learned a warrant had been filed.