Revitalization enters next phase

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Some of the final steps in Uniontown’s long road to revitalizing and beautifying its downtown area began Tuesday.

Thanks to multiple government grants for the revitalization of Uniontown’s historic downtown blocks–Uniontown mayor Phillip White estimated recently that the city has received more than $2 million in grants the last three years–improvements have been made throughout the area. Up and down Front St and Water St, in front of the Piggly Wiggly and the Dollar General, by the public library and the Community Bank, changes for the better are being made.

Gone are the crumbling sidewalks. Gone is the feeling of lifelessness. And as of Tuesday, gone are the unsightly (but only temporary) pockets of planting soil on the street corners and by the walkways.

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In their place are brand new lampposts, freshly poured sidewalks, and thanks to the efforts of Pace Landscaping, a whole nursery’s worth of greenery. Small trees, potted grasses, and multiple varieties of shrubs will line the

“We should have everything in place and be out of here by Thursday,” said Pace staff member Jack Bragh.

What will be left behind will be a sense of renewal for the city. Even on Tuesday, many of the city benches and business doorways were full with onlookers enjoying the march of progress and the unseasonably warm weather.

Fortunately for those Uniontown, residents more downtown development is already on the city docket. A recent grant in the amount of $214,056 from the Alabama Department of Transportation will soon help refurbish the fading streetscapes along Highway 80, as well as expand the work already being done on Front St.

It is hoped the upswing in Uniontown’s street quality will help ease the sting of defeat on the basketball court. The R.C. Hatch boys’ team, ranked first in the state and defending state champions, were upset on their home court last week by Birmingham school Altamont.