Weird Science

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 25, 2005

Five schools traveled to Demopolis Thursday for the AISA District One Science Fair in hopes of placing and moving on to the state science fair in Montgomery.

Along with WAP, Marion Academy, Pickens Academy, Southern Academy and Marion Military Institute all participated.

Tracy Duckworth, teacher at West Alabama Prep helped organize and conduct the science fair. She said West Alabama Prep was selected by their peers to be the host school for 2005.

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“You have a district meeting with all the different schools in our district,” Duckworth said. “We divide out different academic events among the schools from there.”

Duckworth said from here the students move on fro a chance to be the best on the state. Others still have a chance to compete at the regional fair at the University of West Alabama, which includes public and private schools.

“From here they go to Huntingdon College for the state AISA science fair,” Duckworth said. “But all of these kids that participated today are eligible to go to the regional science fair.”

The host school took many of the honors bring in Best of Show winners for two of the three divisions and taking a total of 23 ribbons.

WAP’s Katie Reeves took Best of Show and first prize in the Physical Science category in the Senior Division with her project “Killin’ with Penicillin.” Katie Jennings took second place.

In the Biological Senior Division West Alabama Prep took two of three ribbons. Carson Griffith took second place while Tyler Baker took third.

In the Junior High division Madison Duckworth took second place in the Biological contest and Cody Hilchey took third.

Cody Baker took first place in the physical division with fellow Titan Madison Poole taking second.

The elementary division was all West Alabama Prep as they took each ribbon but one.

Caswell Compton took Best in Show and First Place in the Physical division with his project “Freezing Point Depression.” Avery Duckworth took second and Ethan Green took third.

In the Biological Division Taylor Polk took first place and Sarah Martin Stapp took third.

Winners for the 2005 AISA District One Science Fair were:

Elementary-Physical Science

First Place and Best in Show:

Caswell Compton of West Alabama Prep-Freezing Point Depression

Second Place: Avery Duckworth-West Alabama Prep-Turn Your Organic Waste Into Fuel

Third Place: Ethan Green-West Alabama Prep-Soaking Wet


First Place: Taylor Polk-West Alabama Prep-Germ Invasions

Second Place: Ellen Hollingsworth-Southern Academy-Does Washing Hands Kill Germs?

Third Place: Sarah Martin Stapp-West Alabama Prep-Is It


Junior High


Best in Show and First Place: Josh Jones-Pickens Academy-Which Antacid Works Best?

Second Place: Madison Duckworth-West Alabama Prep-Sweeteners Plus Oral pH…Does It Matter?

Third Place: Cody Hilchey-West Alabama Prep-Cool Feathers


First Place: Cody Baker-West Alabama-Keepin’ It Cool

Second Place:

Madison Poole-West Alabama Prep-Viscosity of Liquids



First Place and Best in Show: Katie Reeves-West Alabama Prep-Killin’ with Penicillin

Second Place: Katie Jennings-West Alabama Prep-Lemma Minor vs. Envirnonmentally Safe Chemicals

Third Place: Mary Price-Marion Academy-Electromagnetic Radiation


First Place: Lannie Gray-MMI-The Abilities of Selected Materials to Sheild X-Rays

Second Place: Carson Griffith-West Alabama Prep-Testing Abram’s Law

Third Place Tyler Baker-West Alabama Prep-A Glaring Need